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Error message: Accessing a UserMask causes script error

We have seen error messages when someone tries to open a custom mask in DBM 4.x. Instead of displaying the user mask, an error window opens. The error message says that there is a script error. You need to decide to continue or to cancel.
In most cases afterwards a partly empty user mask is shown.
This problem is related to Windows 7 x64. It is caused by a missing DigaSQL2COM.dll. In many old setups DigaLoad copies and registers the DigaSQL2COM.ocx
There seems to be a problem with this file under Windows 7 x64. Therefore we strongly recommend not using or registering DigaSQL2COM.ocx on such PCs. You need to use DigaSQL2COM.dll instead of DigaSQL2COM.ocx. This is not related to the version number. 

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