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Error message: 'OLE Exception' during playback

Problem: If I want to open one Database entry, I get the Error Message -20435:
(English Message) OLE Dispatch Exception in funktion "CRecDLG::SetPlayEntry" module "Rec_MM". System error



 (German Message) OLE Dispatch Ausnahme in Funktion "CMask::InitializeRecorder" Modul "Rec_MM". System Fehler:

Changing from Rec_MM to MultiRec doesn´t work, too. With MultiRec, the whole Database Manager crashes...
Solution: This happens if you have a Dira! System on the same machine running. There´s one file, the "vcs_file_access.dll" ("windows\system32" - Folder). This DLL cotrols the access to the installed Audiohardware. Before you delete this file, make sure that this DLL isn´t needed any more by Dira!.

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