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Gap/overlap calculation in TurboPlayer

It is possible to assign a fixed duration to groups in DigAIRange. Such groups will display a square inside the duration field to identify this special mode. To create such group you need the check the checkbox for "Planned duration".


In TurboPlayer there is an option to display the gap time or overlap time inside a Time Info window. This gap calculation can refer to both the planned duration or the real duration of the elements inside the groups.


TurboPlayer (Release 2010.2) comes with a feature to switch between both modes. By default the gap calculation is based on the planned duration.


Changing can be done inside the settings dialog of the gap window. This change will be used for all time windows.


It is also possible to set the parameter manually in Admin tool:


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ GUI : GapCalcWithFixedDurationOfGroups = 0,1


0 = calculation is based on real times of the audio elements

1 = calculation is based on the planned duration of the groups

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