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Handling of broken links of remote BCS

Q: We are using the BCS solution for regionalization. There are several cities with own BCS which are linked to each other. Sometimes the WAN connections are down. Is there any option to avoid timeouts during scheduling?

A: Yes. Since BCS version there is a polling feature inside the BCS.exe which checks the availability of all remote BCS. Due to this feature the end user application (DigAIRange) does not execute a lookup command to the BCS when the user is accessing a show. The local BCS used for this DigAIRange already knows if there is any network problem. Therefore it does not try to reach the remote BCS at this point of action which means that there won't be any timeout for the user by waiting for answers from the remote BCS.

Q: How can we configure this feature?

A: You have to add all remote BCS inside this parameter, situated in the local parameter file of the BCS server and the buddy server:

BroadcastServer \ Default \ IP:

KnownRemoteServers = IP1:Port1;IP2:Port2;... e.g.:;

Hint: You also have to enter the remote buddy BCS! The lookup interval is set to 5 seconds.

Q: Is it possible to disable some remote connections temporarily, maybe for some maintenance reasons?

A: There is a parameter in the same section which lists all dead BCS:

BroadcastServer \ Default \ IP:

DeadRemoteServers = IP1:Port1;IP2:Port2;...

In general please note that a good network connection is the base for each working networked system.

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