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Handling of File Copy in BCS

Q: I'm wondering how BCS is handling all the file copy processes. Could you please explain?


 A: First of all we have to differ between three types of database entries:


 - audio elements

 - text elements

 - audio + text combinated elements


 Elements can be scheduled in different ways. The most common ways are:


 - import tasks (loading a schedule list from e.g. music rotation)

 - manual schedulung (using Database Manager and DigAIRange)


 DigAIRange can handle two different locations of database elements:


 - central file storage

 - local file storage (e.g. local database on a computer)


 There are different destinations for scheduled files:


 - file storage of the database

 - primary media directory

 - local on-air directories (located on the hard disk of the playout PCs)


 Actions done by manual scheduling:


 1. A RTF text file is always copied into the primary media directory at once. This is done by DigAIRange itself.

 2. A local stored audio file should always be copied into the primary media directory using DigAIRange.


 Therefore we introduced a parameter changeable within DigAIRange if you are logged in as Administrator. You will find a special flag under menu: Program \ Server properties --> Edit BCS configuration --> Copy local files to the media directories


 This checkbox should be checked in every customer configuration!


 3. A central stored audio file can be copied into the primary media directory using DigAIRange.


 - By standard there will be no copy action by DigAIRange!

 - There is a configuration available to configure this copy process for DigAIRange:


 Global Settings \ DigAIRange \ FileCopy


 Days = No: No copy process within DigAIRange for audio files!

 Days = Yes: All scheduled audio files will be copied by DigAIRange!

 Days = Auto: DigAIRange will copy in case of a non database based audio item or in case of an existing file within primary media directory which differs from the file located in the file storage of the database.

 Days = Yes+3: All audio files which will be scheduled in shows located 3 days in the future will be copied by DigAIRange. There will be no copy action for shows of e.g. today or tomorrow.

 Days = Auto+x: Like 'Auto' but only for shows located x days in future!

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