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Hiding BCS servers in DigAIRange

Up to now all configured BCS servers are always displayed inside DigAIRange. Starting with DigAIRange a new rights object is introduced to the BCS system. Now it is possible disabling each BCS based on user rights.


This feature helps customers who run several BCS servers in a network to hide the servers to staff of different departments.


To enable the feature an updated version of Admin.exe or newer is needed. DigaSQL.dll must be version or newer.


With this version of Admin.exe you will find a new section under Objects called BroadcastServer. Here you can create new rights objects based on the name of every "BCS cluster" you are using. "BCS cluster" stands for the name of the sub key below Global Settings \ Digas \ PlanServer.


Adding such rights object will immediately disable the BCS for all users. Therefore please be careful during the migration. To ensure a safe migration we recommend to perform the upgrade in several steps:


1. Update Admin.exe and DigaSQL.dll

2. Create all necessary rights objects

3. Grand the "Use" right to all users or groups which should see a BCS


Now you can update DigAIRange. Only the mentioned version or newer are able to read the new right. Older versions won't be affected.


Having no rights object for a BCS means that you will have full access for all users.


Please note: This update does not influence the rights for the services (programs) of a BCS.

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