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Hints for updating TurboPlayer to version 439 or above

There are some major changes introduced by the availability of TurboPlayer version Therefore here is short information which should be read before updating.


TurboPlayer 439 introduces a new behavior for jingle groups. The configuration of the jingle banks will be assigned to the loaded program. Therefore starting TurboPlayer for the very first time will change the old configuration to the new mode. This means that downgrading to older versions will no longer show content inside the jingle tabs because the update of 439 will delete the basic settings. If you need to go back to older versions we recommend rolling back the parameter files from the backup created before the update.


With TurboPlayer 439 the split between TurboPlayer and GUI regarding the Lines configuration is clearer than before. This means that the GUI does no longer need to have own Lines configuration inside the local parameter file. All information about lines will be read by the kernel (main TurboPlayer) from its local parameters. The GUI does not need to have the sub key lines below the local sub key "TurboPlayer".


Hint: Before deleting the sub key "Lines" please check whether all necessary line configurations are available at the main TurboPlayer.


Please note that by deleting the sub key downgrading is not possible anymore without rollback of the parameters.



TurboPlayer 439 introduce the possibility displaying the "green ball" which is well known from DigAIRange for showing the file state of each element. By default this green ball is enabled. If you do not want to display it you can prepare your TurboPlayer PCs by inserting parameters for each show window and stack window:


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ GUI \ Windows \ List \ ... Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ GUI \ Windows \ Stack \ ...

View_FileState = 1,12,1,12,1,2,2 (String)


The leading "1" means that displaying the FileState is disabled. Of course this can be changed later inside TurboPlayer settings for the show rundown and stack rundowns.



Please note that version 439 is only available for beta tests at the moment!

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