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How do I allow/deny user Access to Settings?

Question: How does one allow/deny a user access to "Program/Settings" ?
Answer: The rights management for the settings dialog is found in the DigaSystem Admin's "User\Username\Rights\Registries" section.

  • If the user has no rights here, a log-in for the administrator appears when the user clicks on "Program/Settings".
  • If the user has the right "User - Change", then the user has the possibility to make changes to his/her personal settings in the tabs "View", Search Options", "Columns", "Colors" and "Shortcut-Keys". These will then be saved in that user's parameter file.
  • If the user has the right "Local - Change", then the user also has access to the "Local" tab where temporary changes can be made that will not be saved after that DBM session.
  • If the user has the right "Local - Write", then changes to the "Local" tab will be saved to the local (workstation) parameter file.
  • The rights "Global - Change" and "Global - Write" should NOT be given to any user, as changes made then by this user will be written to the global parameter file which affects all users.
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