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How should I set ACPI and PnP?

Question: How should I set ACPI and PnP in order to ensure a functioning DigAS System?

Answer: Some Sound cards and Relay cards have been known to malfunction according to how the Windows ACPI and/or PnP settings are configured. Generally we suggest that ACPI be activated and PnP be deactivated in order to avoid such hardware problems.


How can I decouple DigAS and Windows Mixer?

Question: How can I decouple the DigAS multimedia volume faders from the Windows Mixer faders?

Answer: There are 3 possibilties to control the volume:

a) In the Windows Mixer: One can choose the appropriate fader using our MMAudioboardselector Utility (available on our mailbox). The adjustment range and influence is a matter of the driver being implemented. DigAS only aligns with the chosen fader.

b) By setting UseWaveOutSetVolume: this was a common volume adjustment method before development of the Windows mixer. waveOutSetVolume() is a function of the operating system that accordingly calls the driver. Digas has no contol on the adjustment range and/or which volume may also be additionally influenced here. It is completely possible with some sound cards that the driver in fact calls up the mixer, and other card drivers will not call the mixer.

c) Using OutputDigital=TRUE: Digas adjusts the volume at the digital stage simply by multiplying the audio signal by the corresponding factor. This means of course, that one can not necessarily avoid the preset influence of the Windows Mixer - for example when this is presently lowered or muted; nothing goes! Additionally, the noise level will most likely worsen.
MultiRec and MTE can implement this parameter.

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