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How to configure CrossFadeMixer3 with MultiRec4

  1. Register MultiRec4.OCX and CrossFadeMixer3.OCX
  2. Create a new Windows-Registry Key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\DAVID\CrossfadeMixer MultiRecVersion = 4

  3. Set keys in DAVID Registry for the programs you want to use CFM3:
    DBM:             Local/DBM/MultiRec – INTEGER: MultiRecVersion=4
                          Local/DBM/Crossfade – STRING: UseOnAirTrackMixer=FALSE (for OTM=TRUE)
    DigAIRange: Local/DigAIRange/MultiRec – INTEGER: MultiRecVersion=4
                          Local/DigAIRange/Crossfade - INTEGER: CrossFadeMixerVersion=2 (for OTM=101)
                          Local/DigAIRange/Crossfade – STRING: UseOnAirTrackMixer=FALSE (for OTM=TRUE)
    TurboPlayer: Local/TurboPlayer/GUI – STRING: MultiRecVersion=4.0
                          Local/TurboPlayer/GUI/Windows/CFM/1 – INTEGER: Controlversion=2 (For OTM=101)

*Local can also be set as Global

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