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How to configure GPO signalising for TurboPlayer

Q: I have to make a GPO signalising during Playout of a commercial block. How can I handle this within BCS and TurboPlayer?

A: GPO signalising is fully supported. The required events can be attached to any element using DigAIRange or TurboPlayer. They will be handled during Playout.

For the first step you need to configure the GPO signals to use them inside DigAIRange.
Therefore the configuration will be created inside the global settings.
For each event you need to create a sub key: Global Settings \ TurboPlayer \ EventsOut \ <Event name>

Inside this sub key you need to create the following parameters:

Bitmap = Path and filename for any *.bmp file which should be displayed for this event; the bitmap size should be 16x16 pixels
BitmapPosition (Integer) = Number of the position within the tab of the events to display as many events at the same time as required
Name = <Display name within DigAIRange and TurboPlayer>
Offset (Integer) = 0
Program = * (* = available for all BCS programs)
ReferencePoint = e.g. MarkIn or Stop

Hint: All parameters are mandatory and must exist to enable the usage in TurboPlayer.

The parameter ReferencePoint will be used as default value for the reference point within the element which will be used for the event.

Typically there are two events per GPO:

- Signalizing ON and
- Signalizing OFF

Therefore the activation of the signalization will be the MarkIn and the deactivation will be a Stop command (e.g. reaching the end of the file or manually stopping it).

Afterwards it is possible to add these prepared events to any scheduled item.
The fastest way doing this is to activate the field 'Events' in DigAIRange list view and pressing the right mouse button inside this field.

The next step is to configure TurboPlayer to work with these events.
Therefore you have to copy the TIOGpio.dll to the local folder of TurboPlayer, e.g. C:\Program
The configuration will be made within TurboPlayer. You need to start it, press the right mouse button on the title bar and select 'Settings' from the context menu.

There is a tab called 'IO-Modules'. If it is the first time configuring the DLL you need to add it by pressing the button 'New'.
If you already have a configuration for the GPIO card e.g. for fader start you can select this module and press the button 'Configure'.

The lower window contains the output configuration of the selected GPIO card.
To create a new entry press the button 'Add'.

Unique identifier = technical short name without spaces and special characters
Function type = Event
Event name = identical with the sub key created for DigAIRange (Identifier for TurboPlayer)
Parameter = <empty>

Output bit field and mask:

- check the desired bit, e.g. for GPO 0 = ON mark bit field = 0 and bit mask = 0; GPO 0 = OFF mark
Bit field = 0, Bit mask = 1 (depends on the physical settings for the relay card)

Hint: Please do not insert spaces inside the values for events and commands and the unique identifier of the IO module! Spaces for identifiers are forbidden.

That's it.
For example you now can create a commercial block. The first item will get the event 'GPO 0 ON' which refers to the MarkIn. The last item will get the event 'GPO 0 OFF' which refers to STOP. In result the complete commercial block will be signalized using a static contact on GPO bit 0.

If you want to create an automated GPO output during playout of e.g. a special channel this can be done by internal macros.


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ EventsInternal \ <Name of event which disables the GPO when playout is stopping>

Event = ElementStopped
Command =



  if ( TheChannel() == 2 )
    if ( DataOfChannel ( 2, PlayState ) == Free )


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ EventsInternal \ <Name of event which disables the GPO when playout is running>

Event = ElementStarted
Command =



if (   TheChannel() == 2 )
    if ( DataOfChannel ( 2, PlayState ) == Playing )


Please note: GPO_2_ON + GPO_2_OFF are OutputFunctions of the GPIO card.
These names need to exist as value inside the following parameters:

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ IO \ TIOGpio \ OutputFunctions \ Event \ <Name of GPIO-Event> : Event = GPO_2_ON or GPO_2_OFF

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