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How to copy metadata after editing Audio

Whenever you drag an audio element from DBM to the icon of your audio editor (MTE, EasyTrack, SingleTrack) the reference to this element is stored in cache.

This means that you can copy the metadata from the original element after saving your rendered audio back to a database table.

Therefore a dialog can be called from the opened metadata mask of DBM.

If you press the 'COPY DATA' button you will get a list of all audio elements which were loaded from DBM to the audio editor. By clicking on one element you can now select which metadata should be copied.

By default always the last dragged element is already selected. This element is the first element in the list.

Since DBM 3.3 it is possible to save the selected fields including custom fields into your user profile. If this list is saved it will be used also for upcoming projects:

User Settings \ DBM : CopyMetaData = <csv list of selected database fields>

To save this list the user needs change rights to the user's parameter file.

A parameter is available to define a list of custom fields which should not be copied. Example:


A parameter is available to predefine the usage of the 'with text file' button:

Global Settings \ DBM : CopyTextFile = TRUE

This button will be automatically grayed if there is no RTF file attached to the original database entry.

Hint: This workflow requires that you drag&drop the database elements to the icon of the editor in DBM's icon bar. It is not designed to work with drag&drop directly to the clipboard of the already launched editor.

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