Q: We would like to change the default font for writing our presentation texts.
A: This is possible by following these steps:

1. Open DBM by using any user account

2. Select from menu "Entry" > "New text entry"

3. Click in text window and type some text

4. Mark the typed text and select a font you like to have

5. Press the right mouse button in the text window and select from context menu "Define..."

6. Enter a name of the template and save it

7. Close DBM

8. Open Admin

9. Open Users \ ... \ Registry \ and move the section "TextFormats" to your global parameters

10. Check the sub sections of the section "TextFormats" to find your created profile, e.g. Format1

11. Create a new parameter Global Settings \TextFormats : Default (Integer) = 1 (if you want to set Format1 as your default format) 12. Start DBM and test the behaviour
That's it!