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How to enable fading points

Q: Is there a way to extend the usage of fadings?


A: Our system offers a special mode where clients like DigAIRange can use the CrossfadeMixer (CFM) to create very individual fades.


First of all you need to activate the usage of these fadings:


Global Settings \ BroadcastSystem : FadeCurves = TRUE


Please ensure that you have the latest versions of all products installed!


Now if you load something to CrossfadeMixer you can activate a special mode for the fade curves. You will find this button on the upper right corner of each track.


If this button is pressed the look of the standard fade points changes and you can drag them in any direction. If you want to create additional fade points you can add them to the fade curve by pressing CTRL + left mouse button.


Pressing CTRL + left mouse button over an existing fade point will delete it.


Using the feature in TurboPlayer is also possible. Please check the settings dialog of the CFM. All options for Gain / Amplification must be activated to see the fade curves.

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