Q: How can we switch an item located in the past and marked as played to be the current item?


A: For such cases there is a macro available. You can create a button in the GUI using this macro. You need to select the past item with the cursor and execute the macro. It will be copied to the current posiition of the rundown.


The macro can be defined in the global or local settings. We recommend to create it globally.


Global Settings \ TurboPlayer \ EventsOut \ <Event Name>:


Command = TP_SetNext (1, Show, 1)

Name = Default name for buttons or in DigIARange

Program = List of allowed programs or * for all programs


Afterwards you can add a new user button in TurboPlayer and select this macro for it.


Please note: The example will only work in the main track (Show). If you need to have this feature also in stacks you need macros and buttons for each stack.


Command = TP_SetNext (1, Stack1, 1)