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How to setup group ACLs in BCS?

Q: What's a group ACL and how can we use it?


A: In the first stage all access rights of DigaSystem are controlled by user rights. For working with BCS this is not enough because you want to temporarely add users to special shows or just groups.


Therefore we introduced the ACL (Access Control Lists) to BCS.


How does it work:


1. The users and user groups need the rights from DigAdmin to have the possibility to work in DigAIRange.

Please note: The users must not have the manage right for the program of the BCS!

2. The show needs to have a ACL. This can be created inside the day template or inside the corresponding date.

There must be a chief of the show which is a DigaSystem user account. There should be at least one user entry inside the ACL.

Please note: This setting will now block users who are not part of the ACL to edit shows!

3. The groups of a show need to get ACLs. You can approve access to users by this ACL, especially if they are not part of the Show ACL.


If you want to have users which are not allowed working outside of groups you need to give them the right "Drag&drop always to the end of group". This is a user specific setting which can be added inside DigAIRange's settings in the tab 'List view'.

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