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How to start MultiPlayer automatically when starting TurboPlayer

In order to start the MultiPlayer automatically when starting TurboPlayer, follow these steps:

  • Open DigasAdmin

  • Specify the path to the MultiPlayer.exe file

    • Example: under Local Settings\Programs add the entry MultiPlayer="C:\Program Files\MultiPlayer V5\MultiPlayer.exe" /D0 /R /Q as a String

Command Line Parameters

From the MultiPlayer manual:

“The applicable instance and the quiet mode are entered with command line parameters:

  • /DX: X refers to the applicable instance; e.g.: /D0 (Device 0: first MultiPlayer instance) if /DX is left out, Device 0 (MultiPlayer 1) will be used

  • /Q: Quiet-Mode; the ”Evaluation-Dialog” does not appear; this parameter can be input so that an AutoStart is possible even with an Evaluation version.”

    • Evaluation Window, which is skipped when using /Q

  • Specify the MultiPlayer to be used

    • Under Local Settings\TurboPlayer\Communication\RundownKernel add the entry MultiPlayerNumber with the value of the MultiPlayer Instance that you want to load, in this case 0 as an Integer.

    • Example:

  • Run TurboPlayer

    • (warning) If the MultiPlayer is set to run by default as an Admin, then be sure to run TurboPlayer as an Admin

If MP is set to run as Admin, TP also needs to start as an Admin

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