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How to switch to Buddy BCS in a regionalization

As known, links to the regional BCS servers are always based on an IP address.

Of course this IP address is owned by one BCS server which should be the master BCS.


In case of a problem with a master BCS the Buddy will overtake its job.

As the Buddy has an own unique IP address the remote linking would no longer work.


To avoid this problem a configuration is available to assign a Buddy BCS to the main BCS. This will be done inside the local parameters of the BCS servers.


For example: Main Site


Local Settings \ BroadcastServer \ Default (or name of instance) \ RemoteBuddyData :


Entry name = IP address or hostname of remote main BCS : port address

Value name = IP address or hostname of remote Buddy BCS : port address


Example: =

Where = used IP address for track linking, 10000 = used port address for IP communication within BCS servers, = IP address of the Buddy BCS.


For every remote BCS system one parameter (entry) must exist.

The configuration must also exist in the local parameter file of the Buddy BCS.


If those settings are active any remote request in e.g. DigAIRange will point to the standard IP address (or hostname). If this address is not available also the IP address of the configured Buddy will be contacted.


For example: Local Site


Also the local site can handle the access to the Buddy of the master BCS at the main site. Therefore the configuration can be done like seen for the main site.


Example: =


Please note: If you want to disable a BCS connection due to maintenance work you need to add also the Buddy address inside the parameter DeadRemoteServers

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