Q: I tried to import a MXF file into a DBM table by Drag&Drop. The result was a new element without class. I checked the class settings under ODBC and disabled all non-Video formats for my table. The DigaPlayerAVControl is installed. I'm using a version of DBM 3.2.

After re-opening the element in DBM I'm able changing the class to "Video" and I'm able playing the video.

A: This problem occures if there is a missing subkey inside the global settings. Please add the following to your setup:

Global Settings \ DBM \ FileTypes:

Text = PDF,DOC

Pay attention: There is no need having MXF inside to list of the video extensions but you must have at least the parameters "Audio", "Text" and "Video". MXF can be skipped to fulfill the requirements of our background copy process. See DigParam.rtf for further information.