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Importing rundowns with elements with mixer sources

When importing a rundown from e.g. MusicMaster you can not only import audio elements but even placeholders or info elements. Such elements can have additional metadata.


Example: A rundown *.asc file should contain elements which have attached a mixer source


You will need to have BUS import task. This task is based e.g. on FlexIE.dll


The *.asc file could look like this:



[LINETYPE]B[STARTTIME]06:00:00[TITLE]News Block[CLASS]News[STARTMODE]Manual[STARTTYPE]Floating[ALLOWEDCLASSES]News,Text,Cart,Control,Command,Audio,Magazine,Promotion,Live,Line




Lineype = A will set the class to Audio

Mixersource will set the mixer source to Microphone. This must be configured globally first:


Global Settings \ TurboPlayer \ MixerSources \ <GroupName> \ <SourceName>


1. If you want to import the mixer group to the field MixerSource you need to specify #<GroupName>

Example: <GroupName> = Microphones --> Import should look like this:



2. If you want to import a specific mixer source you need to specify the technical name of this source

Example: <SourceName> = Microphone 1 --> Import should look like this:



To get this running you need to modify the extra sections of the BUS import task:


Task properties > Configure DLL > Extra sections...


XML tag= MixerSource

--> Insert


Please ensure that you are using a FlexIE.dll version or higher

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