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Installing CodeMeter dongle for MultiPlayer v3

Users of Windows 7 trying to start MultiPlayerV3 for the first time may experience difficulties in startup of the Audio Engine. There will be an entry in the TechLog that reads something like this;
Startup.cpp, Line: 9166: Function: CStartUp::Up: Error 2: Couldn't set lock memory privilege.

This can be remedied with a modification to the Local Security Policy;
Control Panel: Administrative Tools: Local Security Policy: Security Settings: Local Policies: User Rights Assignment: "Lock pages in memory" = [DOMAIN\Windows User who will be using MultiPlayerV3]

Please contact Support if you continue to experience problems or need further assistance. 

Installing CodeMeter dongle for MultiPlayer v3

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MultiPlayer v3 requires a dongle and a license key. For the dongle an USB key from CodeMeter is used. The setup is same to e.g. Sequoia setups.
Before setup it is recommend to download the newest version of CodeMeter setup from the official website. If you already have a CodeMeter driver installed on your computer you should uninstall it.

Hint: For 64 Bit Operating Systems you would need to download and install the CodeMeterRuntime64.exe
After running the setup you need to insert the USB device. You will see a green icon in the task bar.

Pressing the right mouse button on the icon will give you access to the WebAdmin tool. Here you can check the license which is stored on the USB device.
The USB device is usually used on the local computer. If you prefer using a network version you need a special license key on this USB dongle. Please always inform our sales department that you would need a network version before your order is handled! The network dongle can be put into an USB port of a computer which is placed somewhere in the network. That's e.g. useful if your OnAir PCs are situated in the studio and you do not have internal USB ports to protect the dongles against theft. For such networked dongles you would need to install the drivers on the local TurboPlayer PC and on the computer which hosts the USB dongle. You need to enter a network server in WebAdmin of the CodeMeter software at the TurboPlayer PC to establish access to the networked dongle. Click on "Home" and then on "Hostname" to specify a network destination.

The setup of MultiPlayer is handled as usual. Please follow the steps during the setup to install MultiPlayer. Be sure that your video or audio hardware is present during the setup. At the end of the setup you need to enter the license key. This can be found on the delivery note and parallel on the dongle.

Please reboot the PC after installing MultiPlayer.
You can even run MultiPlayer without a dongle for a while. This ensures that you can continue broadcasting even if the dongle is e.g. broken and need to be replaced. Also a time limited demo version of MultiPlayer is available on request.

The icon of MultiPlayer in task bar should be green after a successful connection to the USB dongle.

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