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Magix Sequoia: How to enable the Sequoia interface in Windows 7

After a fresh installation of DBM 4.x and Magix Sequoia 11.2 on a new Windows 7 (x64) PC we wondered why there is no Sequoia icon displayed in DBM's icon bar.

With help of Magix we found out that the by default enabled UAC (User Access Control) of Windows 7 restricts the application Sequioa to register its COM server.
This is required for DBM to detect an installed Sequoia instance.

To solve this problem it is enough starting the application Sequoia by pressing the right mouse button and select "Run as administrator". This must be done once to register the COM server.
Afterwards DBM should automatically find out that Sequoia is installed.

After starting Sequoia with Administrator rights you will find the following section in Windows Registry. This can be used to verify that the registration was successfully.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Sequoia.Application \ CLSID
Standard (REG_SZ) = {79D03F66-D351-4949-8BAE-8D50CA14F0E1}

Of course DBMSeqlic.dll must be present inside the DigaSystem folder. The dongle driver from must be installed and the dongle must be present. The v2 interface must be installed on the dongle which can be checked in CodeMeter WebAdmin tool: 256 = XDigas V2

If registration of Sequoia failed an error message will be displayed: CreateDispatch: Class not registered
In such case please repeat all steps listed above. 

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