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Magix Sequoia: How to install Magix Sequoia

Question: I want to install Magix Sequoia 8. What to do?
Answer: The most important thing is to get a working installation of the dongle software. But first of all you have to install Magix Sequoia 8 from the delivered CD-ROM. The setup will guide you through the installation procedure.

The software for the USB dongle is not included with Magix Sequoia. You can download the files from the following websites:

CodeMeter Runtime:
=> CmRuntimeUser.exe
WIBU KEY Driver:
=> WkRuntime.exe

You need to install both packages before plugging the USB dongle to your PC. Please reboot the PC after the software was installed and BEFORE connecting the USB dongle.
Please note: There is an update of Magix Sequoia to version 8.31 which has to be installed before starting Sequoia. You will get these files together with your DigaSystem Database Manager 3.1 and the Licence DLL.

All update files for Magix Sequoia will be copied into the Magix folder: C:\MAGIX\Sequoia_V8
The licence DLL for DigaSystem must be copied to your DigaSystem folder: C:\Digas\DBMSeqLic.dll

Now you can start Sequoia, register your USB dongle and activate the software

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