Each show of BCS can be marked to see the current state. This state is stored inside the XML tree. The section is named <ChangedFromTemplate>


Here is the meaning:


0 - Unchanged (Unbearbeitet)

1 - Changed (Bearbeitet)

2 - Completed (Freigegeben)

3 - Protected (Freigegeben + gesch├╝tzt)


For each state a color can be defined to display the state in DigAIRange using a square:


Global Settings \ Digas \ PlanServer \ <Name of BCS> \ <Name of Program> \ DigAIRange:


TreeColorChanged = 30,30,30 (String)

TreeColorCompleted = 255,0,0 (String)

TreeColorProtected = 255,255,0 (String)

TreeColorUnchanged = 0,0,255 (String)


Please note that the state will change from 'unchanged' to 'changed' by accessing the day for the very first time which means that BCS generates the day by using the corresponding day template.


A BUS import can reset the state to 'changed' to notify users about changed content.


At the moment limiting exports by analyzing the flag is only supported by EasyDispoIE.dll