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Meaning of Standalone Mode in TurboPlayer

TurboPlayer is able switching into a standalone mode. This is for emergency situations only and there are some important things which need to be clear for the users.

The standalone modus can only be used by one TurboPlayer. There must be a connection to BCS before entering this mode to load the schedule in TurboPlayer. Afterwards it is possible switching to the standalone mode which means that the current state of the rundown loaded in TurboPlayer is used for broadcasting. The standalone mode stops connection to BCS and works independent from any scheduling client.

Therefore the users must know that this mode is an exclusive mode. It is not possible using more than one TurboPlayer parallel inside the modus. All remaining TurboPlayer must not be used during this standalone situation.

All scheduling action processed by any client like DigAIRange will be obsolete during this modus.
This modus is only designed for temporarily use during the offline time of the BCS. In case of scheduling actions or broadcasting actions by another TurboPlayer this information will be overwritten at the moment TurboPlayer switches back to the connected mode.

In short we can summarize:

- Standalone mode should only be used in case of interrupted connection to BCS
- Only one TurboPlayer is allowed during this mode
- All actions of other clients will be overwritten at the moment of switching back to normal mode

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