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Migration from PclComServer to PCL Service

Question: We want to perform an upgrade from the PclComServer to the new PCL Service to get all advantages running this background process as a Windows service. Is this possible if we use it for TurboPlayer?

Answer: In general TurboPlayer is compatible to both PclComServer.exe and PCL Service but you need to perform an update of TIOGpio.dll too. Afterwards you need to change settings inside the configuration dialog of the DLL.

Therefore it is recommend to deactivate the IO module in TurboPlayer.

As you cannot run PclComServer and PCL Service parallel you need to fully uninstall PClComServer and remove all files. It is recommend that you also delete the keys from Windows Registry HKLM \ Software \ DAVID \ PclComServer

The new package consists of DigaComm.dll, PclDrv.dll, PclService.exe and the DLL for the relay board, e.g. PclSimulation16.dll. For testing purpose you can install PclTest16.exe. For TurboPlayer a new version of TIOGpio.dll is required.

The PclDrv.dll must be accessed from both PclService.exe and TurboPlayer.exe. Therefore placing all files in one directory would be a good solution.

Installation will be done from command line using -i option

C:\DigaSystem\PclService.exe -i

A configuration dialog will appear which is the same used in old PclComServer.exe. You can select your relay card and save your configuration.

Afterwards you need to open the services.msc window to configure the Windows service. For using the testing DLL you need to check the option for allowing the service to interact with the desktop.

Please start the service before launching TurboPlayer.

In TurboPlayer you need to open the settings dialog, and go to IO-Modules tab. Open the configuration of the TIOGpio.dll.

You need to switch the radio button for Interface from COM (used for PclComServer) to DLL (used for PCL Service).

Afterwards you can re-enable this IO module.

After restarting TurboPlayer you will be able using your relay card in TurboPlayer via the new Windows Service.

Testing the new PclService is possible by running the PclServiceClient.exe which can read and write GPIO values to each configured card or simulation driver.

Q: When do I need to use the PclService instead of PclComServer?

A: If you want to use the new Adlinktech PCIe GPIO card LPCI-7250 you need to use PclService instead of PclComServer. The PclComServer has currently no interface for this new card. The PclAdlPci7250.dll is only available for the PclService.

Please pay attention that this 8 channel PCIe relay card needs powered inputs which are powered with at least 5 Volts (DC or AC, configurable by jumpers). You cannot use a non-powered bridge as known from Advantech PCI-1760U. The GPO contacts are based on standard relay contacts.

Please note that this relay card is euqipped with a special narrow 50 pin female HD SCSI connector, also known als "Alternative 1".

Additional PclService is required if you want to use Windows Vista or Windows 7. PclComServer is not designed for Windows 7 and beyond.

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