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MTE/ETE/STE: Disable the DDE request for standalone MTE

Our audio editors can be used as standalone applications without connection to any database.

In such workflow they work only with the filesystem.
After initial setup of the audio editors you may experience an error message when clicking the SAVE button: DDE request of database failed. Retry?
To disable this message you need to edit the .ini file of the application.

MultiTrack Editor: C:\WINDOWS\VEDIT.ini
EasyTrack Editor: C:\WINDOWS\EASYTRACK.ini
SingleTrack Editor: C:\WINDOWS\SINGLETRACK.ini

Please open the corresponding file. Inside [Settings] section you will find the parameter DDEDatabaseQuery=2
Please change it to DDEDatabaseQuery=0

After saving the .ini file the corresponding audio editor should directly open a file Dialog.

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