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MTE/ETE/STE: Enabling recording from soundcard playback

Sometimes it is required to record a sound from your local computer.

For example while playing a YouTube video the sound of the the video should be recorded by MTE.

With Windows 7 this is possible but the settings must be enabled from Control Panel.

The solution will route the output device to an input and this input can be used by applications like MTE to record even if the audio is located at the output of the soundcard.

First you need to press the right mouse button on the Windows mixer icon on the taskbar.

Select recording devices!

You will see the known Sound settings from Control Panel. The recording tab should be active.

Press right mouse button inside the window and select to show deactivated devices.

Now you should see a device with an icon looking like a soundcard. It could be called Soundmix or Wiedergabeerfassung depending on your soundcard's driver.

Press right mouse button on this device and select to use this device as a standard device.

Apply the settings and go to Windows Media Player to playback any sound. The level of playback should now be visible at the level control of this selected device.

Now start MTE and go to Options > Settings > MultiTrack Engine Settings and select the new input device. The numbering of such devices is handled by Windows therefore it could be that enabling this device will rearange all of your sound devices.

Now playback should be possible while MTE can record in highest possible quality.

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