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MTE/ETE/STE: Using multiple Rendering formats in MTE

By default MultiTrack Editor saves a timeline by using the same format like the loaded files. If different audioformats are loaded the take format which can be defined in the settings menu will be used. The result of rendering the timeline will then always result in this take format.
When executing the action "Save extended..." from MTE's file menu you can define an individual audio format.

It is possible to save such defined format as a template. This will usually be stored in the user's parameter file of the workstation inside a sub section called MultiTrack \ AUDIOCREATEFORMAT_n where n is a counter.
The counter is additionally stored inside the parameter Local Settings \ MultiTrack \ Settings : NbAudioCreateFormat

There is a feature to enable these audio templates for the SAVE button inside the GUI of MTE. Therefore the parameter ShowSaveExtendedFormat can be used. By default it is set to FALSE which means that the take format is used. Setting it to TRUE will show all available templates beside to the SAVE button after clicking on it whenever different formats or multiple formats are used on the timeline. Setting it to ALWAYS will always show this Dialog.

To define it correctly, two parameters have to be set.
The following example shows how to do it in the MultiTrack section of the User parameter set and can be also done in the local or global settings and in the EasyTrack and SingleTrack section as well:

1. Open Admin.exe and choose the section [User]|Registry|MultiTrack|HelpMenu (if the section doesn´t exist you can create a new subkey with that name (right click -> create new subkey)

2. In the HelpMenu section (or subkey) create a parameter called "Command_1" and set the path and name of the chm file as value.
(With the "Command_X" parameter also Digas external files ans applications can be started)

3. Create a new parameter called "MenuName_1". The value represents the title you will be shown in the "Help" menu of the editor; example: "MenuName_1=MultiTrack Help"
(To define other Help Menu commands continue with Command_2/MenuName_2 and so on...

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