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MultiCoder: Adding Subressorts in 'Additional Parameters' of DB entries

 It just came to our attention that although you can set a 'Department' field for the recordings made with MultiCoder that are written to a database table, setting a Sub-Department in the 'Additional Parameters' field of MultiCoder's Settings\Database didn't seem to work.

Firstly, it is essential that the Sub-Department that you would like to be included in MultiCoder's generated entry is already defined for the target database as a Sub-department for the desired Department otherwise the additional parameter will be ignored. In addition it is necessary to recognize that the Digas SectionString name for Department is 'Ressort'.

In order to set a Sub-department, one must define BOTH the Department AND the Sub-Department in the 'Additional Parameters' field (and remember; both values must already be defined for that database as well as corresponding!).

Here is an example;


Please contact us at DAVID Systems Support if you require assistance!

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