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MultiCoder: How do I reduce dropouts in Multicoder recordings?

Question: What should I do if I'm experiencing dropouts in Multicoder recordings?

Answer: Dropouts within a recording are usually the result of an overloaded CPU.
The capacity utilization of the CPU is especially influenced by the number of instances running.
We suggest 400 MHz capability per Multicoder instance. More than 4 instances should not be installed on one system.
Should more than 4 instances be absolutely necessary in exceptional cases, such a system should first be tested by our QA. Please contact our Support Department in such cases.
The following is a list of measures that can help to increase performance.

1. Uninstalling/Deactivating additional processes, for example;

a) Remote Software
Remote Client Software causes an increased CPU load when accessing the server. This can, under adverse conditions, result in reduced performance available to one or more Multicoder instances attempting to retrieve incoming audio buffer from the soundcard.

b) Anti-virus Programs
Anti-virus Programs are known for eating up a CPU's capabilities when scanning. For real-time applications such as MultiCoder, there should be no anti-virus programs installed.

2. Changing the Process Priority of MultiCoder
MultiCoder instances are normally started with "Normal" priority. Our tests have shown that raising the task priority to 'HIGH' can considerably improve the chances of an uninterrupted performance. Priority of an application can be determined in the command line parameter "START".
Our collegues on location can set this up accordingly.
Further worthwhile optimizations include;

3. Use the MME (instead of WDM) Driver when using XP or W2K OS's.

4. Set Power Scheme to "Always On".

5. Deactivate the audio panel view in the MultiCoder instances;
The continuous refreshing of the LED Meters and the running time counter use up CPU resources. Alternatively, the MultiCoder instances could be started 'hidden'.

6. Reconfigure UNC Paths to mapped drives for coder recordings.

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