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MultiCoder: Installation of MultiCoderV3

Noting here a few points on the installation of MultiCoderV3:

- It's important to have the MEX (DVCCON.exe) included in the directory with MultiCoder - even if you are not using a DigaSystem, the MEX will assist with the allocation of numerous instances of MultiCoder with the available sound devices.
- Please be sure to also include the DigaReportServerAPIU.dll in the directory. This is the newer Unicode version of the earlier DigaReportServerAPI.dll.
- If you are experiencing problems with the registration of MultiRec_3.2 with an error noting 'SideBySide', you should execute the vcredist_86.exe available on our mailbox under \DBM_V4\Misc\VC2008_Redist. (it is important to use the 2008 version, as the 2010 will not resolve the registration problem!) 

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