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MultiCoder: Setting a delete date for recordings in MultiCoder

 Some customers want to set a delete date for all new elements which are going to be created in our database. For elements created by DBM this is done with the table specific parameter DeleteDate and setting its value to e.g. 10.
MultiCoder does not work with this parameter. Therefore you need to enter the delete date by MultiCoder itself.

When working with booking lists, the control panel or via relay card this option can be set inside the settings dialog of MultiCoder.
Menu: Edit > Setup > Settings > Database :

Additional parameters: [DELETEDATE]+10
This will set the delete date to today plus 10 days. If today is May, 10th the delete day will be May, 20th.

If you are controlling MultiCoder via SOAP then the additional parameter should be part of the SOAP message. If you transfer metadata via the SOAP interface the settings of MultiCoder will be ignored. Then you need to extend the SOAP message.
To do this you can include the following line to the start parameters of your SOAP client:

If the used software does not support entering such metadata you need to talk to the developer of this software and request an extension.

Thanks to my colleague James! 

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