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MultiPlayer Error 1450 Message at startup

 Q: I installed MultiPlayer and after the reboot I started MultiPlayer, but there is only an error box on the screen:

MultiPlayer 2.4 couldn't be started. Error 1450. Check the logfiles.
The Logfile says:

"File: Startup.cpp, Line: 8252: Function: CStartUp::Up: Error 1450: Couldn't set working set size. "

A: It seems that you have too less memory capacity in your computer. By default the slots are configured to 99. In this case you need more than 512 MB of RAM.
If you don't have 1 GB RAM then you should reduce the slot size to 40.

Please note that this will affect your On-Air applications. You need to adjust the slot size to the same value!

The problem was solved through changing the slot size to 40! 

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