Problem: Complete DigaSystem is hanging

We have discovered serious problems (System hangs, BSOD, freezes) on DigaSystem startup using a Kerio Software-Firewall. Under certain circumstances, the Kerio (Sunbelt) driver "fwdrv.sys", blocks the ODBC driver transmission from (and to) our DigaSystem.
Disabling the Kerio-Firewall service or a complete deinstallation of this program will not help because Kerio leaves this driver fully registered on the affected system.
There's a workaround in the functionality of the DigaSQL.dll available since version that may alleviate the problem, nevertheless:
We do not recommend the use of a Kerio Firewall and therefore cannot support DigaSystem errors on Audioworkstations with installed Sunbelt-Kerio-Firewall.