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Preloading of elements into MultiPlayer slots

Q: We are using MultiPlayer with 99 slots for prebuffering elements. We configured TurboPlayer to preload 30 elements of the main show (Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ RundownLists \ Show: PreloadedElements = 30). We have more rundowns so we need to spend the rest of the 99 slots for the other rundowns (stacks and jingle banks).


Now we estimate having the next 30 playable elements preloaded. But unfortunately only a few elements are changing their color to show that they are playable. What happened?


A: This is a normal behaviour because you are using StartOnTime elements situated in future shows which are already loaded into TurboPlayer. Each element used for automated starts plus the next element need to be preloaded. Therefore the sum of current preloaded elements is the difference of 30 configured elements minus the number of StartOnTime elements.

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