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Progress bar in jingle bank of TurboPlayer

TurboPlayer 3.1 comes with a new feature which shows a progress bar inside each playing jingle of a jingle bank.

This feature will be enabled by default.

You can disable it from settings menu or by setting parameters before updating TurboPlayer.

Lokale Einstellungen \ TurboPlayer \ GUI \ Windows \ Jingles \ ...

ShowProgress = 0 (Integer)
ProgressUseDefaultColor = 0 (Integer)
ColorProgressRemainPart = 14155735


Prelisten via EasyPlayer, MultiPlayer or CrossfadeMixer

Prelistening can be executed on several players:

- EasyPlayer (engine prelistening)
- MultiPlayer
- CrossfadeMixer

EasyPlayer can be customized with skins. Therefore you can change the look and feel of the player. This is done inside the settings menu at the tab Prelisten.

The prelistening via the MultiPlayer engine is displayed at a fixed window position.

The window of CrossfadeMixer can be fixed inside the GUI but it is also possible to use it undocked. With TurboPlayer 3.1 CrossfadeMixer can be configured to be hidden if not used. Therefore it is no longer necessary to dock it.

Hiding can be done by Macros like

- TP_ChangeWndState ( 1, Hide, CFM )
- TP_ChangeWndState ( 1, Show, CFM )

The release of TurboPlayer with this feature is announces for May 2010.

If you want to prelisten via macro there are mostly three simple methods:

TP_Prelisten ( 1, FastPrelisten, MarkIn )
TP_Prelisten ( 1, PlayAtPos, MarkIn )
TP_Prelisten ( 1, LoadCFM, Play, Show )

The second macro does not specify itself which player is used to play it. This is controlled by parameters set via the settings menu of TurboPlayer. Inside the tab Shortcuts you will find checkboxes to specify the player which will be used for prelisten commands.

CrossfadeMixer or EasyPlayer or NONE = Engine (MultiPlayer)

These settings will be used instead of the device specified for prelistening of all rundowns or specific rundowns.
Prelistening via middle mouse button is executed on the player specified for all rundowns or specific rundowns.

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