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Removing the potential noisy glitch at start of a playout.

If you are using soundcards which only provide Wave driver instead of MME or ASIO it could happen that you hear a noise at startup of an audio file. This noise comes from a buffer of the Wave driver which contains the last samples of the last played audio file.
There are options for the different versions of MultiPlayer to reset the Wave buffer after stopping a playout of an audio file.

The options need to be inserted in Windows Registry after the installation of MultiPlayer.
MultiPlayer 1:

HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ DAVID \ MultiPlayer \ Player0 \ Channels

CloseOpenAtReset1 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset2 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset3 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset4 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset5 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset6 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset7 = TRUE (String) CloseOpenAtReset8 = TRUE (String)

Please add a parameter for every configured channel.
MultiPlayer 3:

HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Ingenieurb├╝ro Holzinger \ MultiPlayer V3 \ Player0 \ Channels \ ...
CloseOpenAtReset = TRUE (String)
Please repeat this for every configured channel! 

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