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Running audio elements muted with automated demuting

Normally TurboPlayer is playing audio material with the level of the audio + metadata but in some situations it makes sense to start material muted.


Usually this is done when you want to start a music bed or something similar which must end at a specific time but without immediately stopping the running element.


For such cases elements can be configured in DigAIRange to have a mute start mode. By default this will lead to no audio output and the person at the mixer desk will open the fader manually later. Therefore a motorized fader will be lifted a bit to signalize the playing element.


On the other hand this also works in automation mode and without serial connected mixer consoles. In such workflows the playback should start muted and later, after stopping the currently running element at the end of the playout the muted element should be demuted.


This works by setting the parameter TurboPlayer \ AutoDemute to TRUE


To specify a value for the fade-in from the muted part to the unmuted part of the audio the parameter TurboPlayer \ StandardDemuteTime (Integer) must be set to e.g. 2000 for a fade time of 2 seconds.


Defining a mute start is done in DigAIRange in general tab of an element. The dropdown list for the fade option contains "Mute start" which must be selected. German: Stummstart

This will result in an icon of a checked loudspeaker inside the title area.


XML: <Time_MuteStart>1</Time_MuteStart>

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