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SAF: How to access SAF server from clients remotely

The SAF server comes with a feature to run the SAF Administration tool even from client PCs.

To establish a connection between SAF20Administration.exe of a client and the installed SAF server several requirements must be fulfilled:

- The client must have a DigaSystem installation where the parameters are located at the same location as used for the SAF server.
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed on the client
- The following files must be inside the DigaSystem folder of the client: DigaSQL.dll, SAF20Administration.exe, SAF20Implementation.dll, SAF20Interop.dll
- A TCP communication must be possible on the port specified from the SAF server. See logfile of SAF server to find out, e.g. TCP Port 31808

After starting the SAF Administration tool on the client you need to go to the menu and uncheck the option Module > Show only local servers
Afterwards you will see all SAF servers which are present in your network.

There will be a request to install the necessary assemblies when accessing a SAF server for the very first time. This needs to be accepted to see the settings of the remote SAF modules.
To run SAF Administrator without entering the ADMIN's password you can specify other users inside the SAF Administration tool which are allowed to launch this tool 

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