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Sequenced playout of commercial blocks using 1 fader

Q: We have old mixer consoles with non-motorized faders but we want to play commercial blocks in sequence by starting the first element by opning the fader manually. How can we realize this with TurboPlayer?


A: From the technical site TurboPlayer needs to have a free available fader to start an item. Normally this would be the next fader not the current used fader because it is already in use. To enable playout on the same channel there is a JOINED flag available which have to be set in DigAIRange. Each commercial which should should automatically follow the first one on the same channel needs to have the JOINED flag.


Important note: It is not possible to use the AutoPrepare feature in such workflow. Enabling this feature affects rundowns like the main show and will preload the upcoming elements to the next channels. Therefore a realtime change from the preselected channel to the same channel used before is not possible.

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