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Setup note for MultiPlayer and local share

BUS is able to deliver the media files to the local hard disk of the playout computers. This is done by creating a folder on the local computer. This folder needs to have a share which can be accessed from e.g. the BUS PC.
This share must be configured as an OnAir directory which can be done e.g. in DigAIRange.

MultiPlayer is able to automatically switch between the configured paths. Therefore in case of a broken network MultiPlayer will even continue playout if the network is down by switching playout to the local folder.
To enable this feature it is mandatory to understand that only UNC paths can be used to access this share. MultiPlayer must be able to translate the hostname to the local folder. This can only be done when the source path is based on UNC.

To run UNC of course a stable DNS configuration is necessary.
Please note: This security feature is not available if you are running paths based on IP addresses!

valid: \\onairpc\media$
invalid: \\\media$

Q: Do I need the Microsoft Loopback-Adapter?

A: No! Since MultiPlayer v2 you don't need this virtual driver. This is only used during initialization of a connection and during the initialization the network must be available in any way.

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