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Splitting TurboPlayer Engine from GUI

To increase the security there is an option to split TurboPlayer into two parts: Engine and GUI (user interface). By running a separated engine a crash of the user interface would not affect the kernel of TurboPlayer. Both, Engine + GUI can be started on the same computer.


The engine is running in the background hosting the RundownKernel, the TreeManager and the IOManager while the GUI represents the user interface. Of course it is also possible to move the GUI to another computer while MultiPlayer and kernel are running on another PC.


For this purpose there are special files which must be used instead of TurboPlayer.exe: TurboPlayerEngine.exe and TurboPlayerGUI.exe


If you want to switch from the all in one solution "TurboPlayer.exe" to separated files executed on one PC you need to prepare some things:


1. Copy the two files to the DigaSystem folder

2. Add some parameters:


Local Settings \ Programs \ TurboPlayerEngine = %DigasDir%\TurboPlayerEngine.exe

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Communication \ IOManager \ InitializeIOManager = 0 (Integer)


Now you can start TurboPlayerEngine.exe. It will appear as a small window where you can see how the three modules are loaded and initialized.


Afterwards you can start the TurboPlayerGUI.exe


There will be an error message that the IOManager cannot be found. Press OK to open the settings dialog.


All communication addresses must be changed from InProc to MMF. The GuiBox ID is always 1.


Here are the corresponding parameters:


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Communication : ComTypes = InProc, MMF, IP

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Communication \ GUI : RundownKernelAddress = MMF-Address=RundownKernel-GuiBox1

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Communication \ GUI : TreeManagerAddress = MMF-Address=TreeManager-GuiBox1

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Communication \ IOManager : RundownKernelAddress = MMF-Address=RundownKernel-IOManagerBox1


If you want to launch the engine by starting the TurboPlayerGUI you can add the following parameter:


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Communication \ TreeManager : StartEngine = 1 (Integer)



Please note: If you are using several configurations for TurboPlayer (available since version 3.1) you need to add the configuration option to both, GUI and Engine. For the GUI it's done inside the shortcut by adding the string "-c:configuration" where the value configuration is taken from a parameter name stored at Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Configurations


For the Engine you need to add this string to the parameter Local Settings \ Programs : TurboPlayerEngine = TurboPlayerEngine.exe -c configuration



Please note that you need to shut down the engine manually from the taskbar (tray icon). This is also needed if you change settings which affect the engine like changed IO settings!



Now TurboPlayer GUI can crash without affecting the playout. Even a restart of the GUI won't affect the playout and the communication to e.g. serial devices like mixer consoles.

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