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Stack unloads current show in case of working in future show

Q: We are using Stacks in TurboPlayer to give special departments like Sports the possibility having their own little independent schedule. The departments are working without a main show. They are working with GUI version of TurboPlayer.


Sometimes it happens that a user schedules his elements into the wrong show. The stacks are configured to preload elements by clicking on it. If the user now clicks on an element in the future show TurboPlayer unloads the current show.


Is there a possibilty to avoid unloading of the current show?


The Stack is configured by using the following parameters:


RundownMode = Random

StackMode = Track

AutoPrepare = TRUE


A: Normally Stacks are working independently from the man show. Therefore a manual change to a future show will unload the current show. That's a normal behaviour.


There is a parameter to configure stacks to work in another way which will change the behaviour to a result which you expect.


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ RundownLists : TracksFollowShow = TRUE


This parameter will avoid removing the current show unless it is not unloaded in the main track.

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