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Start a song in TP at the "intro2" marker

Elements can have an "Intro2" marker, which can be used to allow the song to be started in TurboPlayer at a pre-set point, ie. at the beginning of the chorus.

A Button in TP and an "EventOut" macro can be created for this purpose.

The macro reads the "Intro2" marker from the next song in the rundown and uses it as the "MarkIn" to start the playout from there. A little delay (Sleep) is needed to improve the reliability of this macro.


%Intro2 = DataOfElement (Show, Next, Fade_Intro2)
%MarkIn = 0
if (%Intro2 != "")
TP_SetDataOfElement (Show, Next, Fade_MarkIn, %Intro2)
%MarkIn = DataOfElement (Show, Next, Fade_Intro2)
TP_Start (Show, Next)
TP_ShowError (*, strcat("Intro2: ", %Intro2 ))
TP_ShowError (*, strcat("MarkIn: ", %MarkIn ))

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