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Starting a control element by StartOnTime with TurboPlayer

It is possible to execute a control element by StartOnTime in TurboPlayer. Here is a short description what to do to create such feature.


1. Define the desired macro:

Global Settings \ TurboPlayer \ EventsOut \ AutoModeOn

Command = TP_ToggleMode ( Activation, Auto )

Name = AutoMode ON

Program = *


2. In case of using TurboPlayer instances which run with different profiles you need to copy this macro to

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer_InstanceName \ EventsOut \ AutoModeOn


3. Create a group in DigAIRange

Title = My control group

Start mode = Start on time

Start type = Fixed start

Primary class = News

Allowed classes = <Add type ‘Control’ to the list of allowed classes>

Startmode for group elements: Sequenced


4. Create a new element in DigAIRange

Title = My control element

Class = Control

Media type = Control

Duration (total) = 0

Execution: Active + passive

Control tab:

New operation = AutoMode ON

Reference point = MarkIn


5. Save the new element and drag it into the group


6. Now you should be able playing this element in LiveAssist and in Automatic mode. The group should start automatically and the control element is following the Start Mode and Start Type of the group. Therefore you should see that the Automatic mode is activated. The control element will get the status “Played”.


This was tested with TurboPlayer 4.1 by using its default settings.

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