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Starting TurboPlayer will cause MultiPlayer error message

Question: I tried to started my preconfigured TurboPlayer, but it just display a message that the MultiPlayer could not be connected. What's happening? It already worked in past.

Answer: This problem is caused by the Windows Firewall. We had seen this problem on laptops of system administrators. When working without LAN connection the Windows Firewall gets enabled automatically. By default the Windows Firewall will block the communication between TurboPlayer and its modules.

Try to disable your Windows Firewall for testing. You can see all the used IP ports within the settings dialog of TurboPlayer. These ports have to be enabled in the Windows Firewall.

Question: We checked the settings of the Windows firewall but it seems that the problem is not caused there. What else can we check?

Answer: Here is a list of possible reasons getting the following error message:

Initializing of the RundownKernel failed!
Failed to create an empty document!


1. MultiPlayer is using the wrong communication mode (must be Turbo Pipe).
2. MultiPlayer is configured for too few channels (recommend value is 8 which means MultiPlayer PRO).
3. In TurboPlayer the sum of preloaded elements of all shows, stacks and the jingles is bigger than in MultiPlayer.
4. The Windows Firewall is switched on (should be turned off) and blocks the communication between the TurboPlayer tasks and MultiPlayer.
5. There is another TurboPlayer.exe process running on this computer (Maybe caused by a crash before restarting TurboPlayer?).
6. The licence key of MultiPlayer is missing (and the demo period has expiered) or is used twice in the network (which is not possible).
7. The user used for this TurboPlayer is not unique or has too few rights (Write access for the local and user parameter file).
8. The version numbers of TurboPlayer and MultiPlayer are not compatible.
9. The sound card isn’t working or the Mixtreme / Mixpander Mixer wasn’t started before launching MultiPlayer. So the configured audio devices must be present.

If the problem is still present after checking these points please send the technical logfiles to our support.

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