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Unloading a prepared audio in TurboPlayer

Q: In TurboPlayer we are using the feature to automatically prepare the next audios to the available playout channels. This helps us to fix the audios to the faders. But how can we unload elements which are already prepared?

A: The parameter AutoPrepare = TRUE at TurboPlayer \ RundownLists \ Show will automatically assign the next audios to the players.

To unload such audio there are 3 ways:

1. Toggle, skip or delete the element in rundown
2. Press and hold Shift key and click on the STOP button inside the player. Hint: The Play/Stop button needs to be activated for displaying inside the player!
3. Execute a TP_Stop command, e.g. by a user button using TP_Stop ( Channel, 1 )


Massive change in PFL handling in TurboPlayer 3.2

Up to TurboPlayer 3.2 Prelistening was limited to an exclusive playout channel. All PFL actions were routed to this physical audio output. For some mixer consoles this restriction was difficult especially if the mixer console comes with PFL channels for each fader.

TurboPlayer build 804 introduces a completely new feature set to handle multiple parallel playable PFL channels. Additional the MultiPlayer playout channels can now be used for prelistening to the audio.

With this feature you can now prelisten the audio on the fader which you want to use for later playout.

To gain backward compatibility a new command called TP_Prelisten2 is introduced which has much more possibilities for controlling PFL. Of course the old behavior and commands stay as they are.

If you want to use the new features you need to check your macros for being compatible to the new workflow. Prelistening to audio on a master channel means that starting the prelisten mode will lead to an event ElementStarted and the DataOfChannel ( n, PlayState ) will switch to “Playing”. If e.g. your internal macros are working with these values you need to modify them to be sure that you are in playout mode and not in prelisten mode.

As the prelistening will happen on real MultiPlayer channel it is impossible using the same channel for both prelistening and playout at the same time. Therefore rules must be defined for situations where someone tries to use both at the same time.

1. If PFL is running opening the fader must either result in stopping the PFL or in no action.
2. If playout is running starting a prelisten action must be avoided or shifted to a common PFL channel.

Changes to the GUI:

- The players now have a settings dialog to define the prelisten method (MultiPlayer, EasyPlayer, CFM).
- The players are displaying a progress bar for prelistening. During prelistening scrubbing is possible by dragging the sound head. A stop button can be displayed inside the player during prelistening to be able stopping prelistening by mouse.
- A new mode button is introduced to define the handling of GPI during PFL.
- A reset command for resetting the prelistening state can be found in context menu of the main window of TurboPlayer.
- During drag&drop of a scheduled item of a show to a player window the destination is displayed.
- Prepared elements can be prelistened by pressing the middle mouse button on the player window.


Let’s assume you’ve got a mixer console with PFL keys for every fader. Pressing the PFL key will result in a GPI in TurboPlayer. There are 3 master channels and each of them should be played and prelistened on the assigned fader.

We expect that you’ve got already a configured TurboPlayer with a valid line / channel assignment and a running GPIO configuration for fader start. You will need TurboPlayer.exe build 802 or newer.
First of all we need to specify the 3 master channels to be available for prelistening. Therefore two parameters are necessary inside the Channel-X sub key.

Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Lines \ Line-1 \ Channel-1 : GUI = 1 (String, same for all lines)
Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ Lines \ Line-1 \ Channel-1 : PFLNumber = 1 (Integer, must be set to 2 for Channel-2 and to 3 for Channel-3)

Then the players need to be configured to use MultiPlayer for playout. This can be done by pressing the right mouse button on a player and selecting Prelisten > Internal Engine (MultiPlayer) from the context menu.

Now we need to configure the relay card to handle the 3 new GPIs. Go to the settings menu of TurboPlayer and choose IO-Modules. Select the settings for the relay card and press the ‘Configure’ button.

We would need 2 new input events for each PFL key of the mixer console. Press the ‘Add’ button to create a new GPI configuration.

Example for starting PFL on channel 1:
Event type: PFL
Unique identifier: PFL_1_ON
Line: 1
PFL Number: 1 (please set to 2 for channel 2 and to

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