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User button for searching inside presentation text

Q: Is it possible to create a user button (Selection button) to search inside a text which is used for the presentators?
A: Yes. You need to create a SQL statement which can contain wildcards and truncation.
1. In DBM open the settings dialog for the selection buttons from the 'database' menu 2. Open the SQL section inside the left half of the window and select the "New" option 3. Create your individual SQL statement like this: PRESENTATION like '%Obama%' and press Return key 4. In the right half of the window press the "New" option 5. Name your button 6. Drag&Drop the SQL statement to this button 7. Save your button by pressing OK
To search inside the presentation text a full text index of the table is required. You can enable this on base of DigaSQL.dll or FIS. You can build the index within the Admin Tool.
%Obama% means that the text area can contain the word "Obama" at any position. 

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