Q: Is it possible using a PCX card which is connected to a digital console for doing recordings in DigAIRange?

A: Yes, but you need some parameters below PlayRec and below DigAIRange \ Multirec because we need to tell DigAIRange using a digital input which is also used for the clock source.

Local Settings \ PlayRec :

InputType = DigitalSynchro
Source = Digital1

Local Settings \ DigAIRange \ MultiRec :

Please note: The audio board must be chosen inside the settings menu!

InputType = DigitalSynchro
SyncInputType = DigitalSynchro

MultiRecVersion = 2
PlaySampleRate = 48000
Sampling = 48000

See also http://support.davidsystems.com/sis_forum/viewtopic.php?t=419